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Musculoskeletal Pain Intensity and Interference Questionnaire for Musicians (MPIIQM)

Advice Sheets

You can download and print the following:

  • Prevention of Playing-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (PDF-30KB) - Advice Sheet.
  • Risk Factors of Playing-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (PDF-30KB) - Advice Sheet.
  • Grading Scale for Severity of Pain due to Playing-Related Musculoskeletal disorders (PDF-40KB) - Advice Sheet.
  • Return to Play Schedule after Injury (PDF-40KB) - Advice Sheet.
  • Physiotherapy and Dystonia (PDF-3MB) - Read p.15 and 16 of the Dystonia Society Newsletter - Dystoniamatters!, Issue 70, Winter 2010.
  • Exercise for musicians (PDF-137KB) is a small article reinforcing the importance of regular aerobic conditioning as well as specific exercises for shoulder stabilisers, abdominals, and spinal postural muscles. Written by Bronwen Ackermann.
  • Foundations for Excellence - This website provides information, guidance, and sign-posting in the area of health and wellbeing for musicians and dancers. You will find useful advice sheets, in PDF format, on injuries affecting musicians and dancers, and their prevention. Go to the Resource Centre page. The website also has a list of specialist organisations able to help performing artists.
  • BAPAM has recently produced useful advice sheets (free downloads) on a range of health-related topics for performers.

Resource Guides

Health Education Lectures

Patrice Berque has used the following powerpoint presentations for talks on health education and prevention of playing-related musculoskeletal disorders. You can download them.

Patrice has done lectures on these topics at the Royal Conservatiore of Scotland (RCS), the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO), the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (BBC SSO), Scottish Opera, the Musicians Union London (MU), the Dystonia Society Scotland, and to music teachers in secondary schools in the Glasgow area.

  • Musician's Dystonia - BAPAM Glasgow meeting - April 2014:
  • Focal Hand Dystonia Study - Long-term 4-year Follow-up Results - 30th Annual International Symposium on Medical Problems of Performing Artists, Snowmass, Colorado, USA, July 2012:
  • Focal Hand Dystonia Study Final Results - 28th Annual International Symposium on Medical Problems of Performing Artists, Snowmass, Colorado, USA, July 2010:
  • Conference Abstract - 3rd International Conference on Movement Dysfunction, Edinburgh, October 2009 - Focal Hand Dystonia Study Preliminary Results:
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders affecting Musicians and Considerations for Prevention:



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